Building a dream shape may take a few years of hard work. To make this process more efficient, we need to know how to take care of the proper training, diet, and recovery.

We dedicate approximately 1/3 of our lives for sleeping. Even so, living fast, we tend to neglect this aspect. So how does sleep deprivation affect our health? What to do to improve sleep hygiene? Let’s see what scientists say about it.

New year, new resolutions? Surely some of you has just started the fitness journey. If you plan to lift weights, definitely read this post.

Protein takes part in so many processes in the body, that life without it would be impossible. To build muscle mass – we also need protein! Therefore, how much, and which type? Answers for these and more questions you will find below.

I will give you a list of exercises that you can perform at home or anywhere you want, together with a sample workout structure. The only thing you need is a bit of self-motivation. Let’s go!

Unless you are in 1% of the population with celiac disease or base your nutrition on a ketogenic diet, wholegrain foods should be found on the list of what you eat, and I will prove to you why.