Sweet breakfasts [#1] Protein Oatmeal

I believe that everyone should treat breakfast as a priority. After all, it is our first source of energy immediately after waking up, not counting the caffeine, which most of us reach for. This post will be the beginning of a small series with sweet and healthy breakfasts. Hope you are going to enjoy these recipes. Let’s go!


Today I will show you the irreplaceable and well-known porridge. The recipe can be prepared in minutes. Personally, I always make it in the evening and leave the cereal overnight in the refrigerator. The point is for them to absorb a sufficient amount of liquid and be easily digestible. But you can also cook them and eat them warm if you prefer.


  • Oatmeal 100g
  • Cow’s/ vegetable milk 150g
  • Skyr 150g
  • Protein powder 30g
  • Peanut butter 30g
  • Cocoa 5g (optional)
  • A handful of forest fruits (I usually use frozen blueberries)

Notes: If you do not have a protein powder, use skyr alone in combination with erythritol, xylitol, or honey – of course in reasonable amounts 😉 The presented portion is for people who like to eat well, sod if it’s too much for you, make a recipe using half or ¾ of ingredients, keeping the same proportions.

Nutritional values

Kcal: 882

Protein: 66.6

Carbs: 81.8

Fat: 27.8 


1. Put oats into the container, add peanut butter and pour 130g of milk. Mix it for a while until the butter and milk are combined.

2. In a separate bowl we will make a mass with which we will cover the petals. We put the skyr in and add the protein powder (I use white chocolate flavor from KFD). We mix it together until we get a nice, creamy texture. If you like the classic taste of chocolate, I recommend adding cocoa powder.

3. Next, spread the prepared cream on the oatmeal. As a topping and a source of vitamins and antioxidants, add a handful of blueberries. Put the whole thing in the fridge overnight and, voila, in the morning you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.


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